Introverts (I) will tend to be often plunged into their internal world of thoughts, maybe to the extent where they forget a little bit to come back in the external world of people and communication. This is why being matched with an Extrovert (E) is usually a good combination, because Extroverts will bring them back to the external world, make them go out, see more people, and make them talk and externalise what they think and feel. In the other end, Introverts will help the Extroverts to take more time for themselves, to think more thoroughly and they will be the attentive ear that they need.

Intuitives (N) will have a way to understand the world that is made of images and possibilities. What will happen in the future has a higher level of importance for them, and they can struggle to fully enjoy the present moment. They will feel situations, they don’t need to observe it. Their inner intuition will guide them to take any decision, even if they have already been in the same situation in the past. 

Sensors (S), in an other hand, will understand the world based on what they see, hear, taste, touch and smell. They are not really aware of their intuition, the usually don’t listen that much to their inner voice, they prefer to trust what they have lived before and other’s experience to take a decision. That is why they are very anchored to the present moment. It can be stressful for them to project into the future and they usually live one day after the other.

An intuitive and a sensor can struggle in understanding each other because for Ns, the consequence is more important than the present moment and for Ss, the present moment is more important than the consequence. Ns will be more analytical, when Ss will be more into action, resulting in Ss thinking that Ns are dreamers and Ns thinking that Ss are raw. Both people don’t resonate on the same vibration, which is not incompatible in itself, because it can make each people grow a lot, at the condition that none of each thinks that their way is the best. 

Feeling and Thinking preference is considered to be the most challenging in term of love relationship. Thinkers (T) will have a tendency to rationalize everything, to make logical conclusions, to do not hesitate to state truths and what is. They will take decisions and consider only in a second time what people could feel about this decision. Their feelings usually take a secondary place and they prefer to listen to their logic first to guide them.

Feelers (F) will have a tendency to have a “relationship filter” between them and the world. Their reaction to every interraction is ruled by how the object makes them feel. It is difficult for them not to take their feelings into account and take a step back from the situations they encounter. They thus have the natural ability to put themselves in the shoes of others and they usually are careful about how the other could feel about a truth or an action, making the communications less direct.

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