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Independant, clear-sighted, innovative, brings clarity and illumination, strategy master

Ingenious, skeptical, sees things beyond the limitations of one-dimensional thinking, theoretical

Confident, assertive, strategic, takes responsabilities, innovative, structured, direct

Outspoken, enterprising, enthusiastic, challenging, flexible, logical

Compassionate, reflective, visionary, accomplishes that which seems impossible, brings help, intense spiritual life

Caring, developmental, reflective, brings peace and hope for a better world, contained, releases emotional discord

Diplomatic, expressive, imaginative, empathetic, catalyst of change in people, warm, enthusastic

Imaginative, expressive, persuasive, brings awareness, supportive, unstucks people, friendly, innovative

Determined, thorough discernment, uses its head, realist, grounded, responsible and secure, protects what is sacred

Protective, resourceful, considerate, makes the most of what they have, responsible, enjoy and celebrates the simple things

Lucid, assertive, creates order, pragmatic, realistic, disciplined, straightforward, community

Appreciative, warm, outgoing, accepting, decisive, practical, friendly

Pragmatic, independant, troubleshooter, practical

Only speaks the higher truth, modest, connects through musicality, quiet space, gentle, adaptable

Resourceful, outgoing, clear and concise communication, adaptable, prosperous, fearless

Enthusiastic, social, affectionate, playful, observant, adaptable, tolerant, improviser



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